Colour and Aroma

For thousands of years, ancient philosophies have understood that colour is a powerful universal healing force. Each colour has a vibration and association with a body part, emotion and life challenge. Fragrances and essential oils have also been credited for their ability to heal physical ailments and transform the mind and emotions.

There are two aspects to colour and aromatic healing. We may be drawn to a colour and fragrance that is a reflection of the positive part of ourselves, our health and our lives at that particular moment in time. Or, we may have an aversion to a particular ChiBall™ colour or fragrance which is often the colour we need to restore balance.

Colour therapy and essential oils have the capability of cleansing negative vibrations in our Auric (or electromagnetic) field and producing new positive ones, thereby rebalancing negative emotions and prompting a healing process in the body’s systems.

The philosophy of colour and aromatic therapy can be used with traditional Chinese medicine’s theory of the five elements.

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