What’s Chi About?

According to ancient Eastern philosophies, there is vital energy or basic force in all life. The Chinese called it “Chi” (Qi), the Japanese “Ki” and the Indians called it “Prana“. Chi expresses itself in many forms of energy which includes tangible things like electromagnetic, bio-energy, aura, light and others, and also intangible things like thoughts. In fact, all phenomena, including the physical, are expressions of pure energy. This subtle essence forms our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and its strength and quality affect our state of health on all levels.

It might have different names but what all cultures that believe in it agree, is that when the Chi, Ki or Prana is free-flowing, it can stimulate both mind and body. However, if it is blocked or stifled, our energy becomes scattered and our vitality is depleted. Simply put, any disturbance in the flow of chi creates illness. When chi is flowing freely, body processes normalize and illness naturally disappears.

Chi deficiencies can be caused by a lack of sleep, food, shelter, clean water, fresh air, and other physical elements that the human body needs to properly function. Also, an imbalance can be caused by insufficient mental stimulation, love, and social interaction.

It is also possible to have an excess chi as a result of environmental toxins like polluted air or water, or from too much physical activity, stress, negative emotion, or overeating.

However, good nutrition, moderate exercise, and a happy life can enhance a weak Chi. Balance is key. Too much or too little exercise will adversely affect the Chi and cause problems.

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