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Remedial Pilates

Why Are People drawn to Remedial Pilates

When you see other people doing Pilates, seeing different poses in your Instagram feed, do you become interested in doing a Pilates Exercise program? But what is Pilates exactly? And what makes it different from other exercise programs?

Developed by Joseph Pilates, Pilates is a form of exercise that emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness to support efficient, graceful movement. It is also known as the Pilates Method.

Not only that, Pilates exercises can help improve strength and posture. Also, this method has always emphasized quality over quantity since this form of exercise does not need repetition for each move. Instead, it focuses on doing the exercise fully; precision is its key and it yields significant results in a shorter time that you could imagine.

By following the Pilates techniques, you will be able to develop controlled movement and gain strength in your core muscles. Your core is comprised of a group of muscles which stabilize and support your structure and improve your balance.

When our joints misalign, we can experience the vast majority of our aches and pains. But if we can identify this misalignment and know how to correct it, the theory suggests we can overcome these aches, support our body, and lead a pain-free life with good mobility and ability. This corrective method of overcoming poor posture or poor movement technique is known as Remedial Pilates.

In doing Remedial Pilates, we can learn how to activate our core stabilizers and become confident to safely move with precision and control. In doing remedial Pilates, its aim is to help achieve a muscular balance thst is important for moving in an efficient manner which will help prevent injuries.

ChiBall Remedial Pilates focuses on healing injuries through clinically proven exercises. It has been developed in consultation with clinical Physiotherapists in response to demand for a specialized stream of the ChiBall Method.

The course has been designed as an educational tool for health professionals delivering Pilates-based exercises which are of a remedial nature and are designed for clients recovering from injury.

The purpose of ChiBall Remedial Pilates is to trigger the reactivation of specific muscle groups in order to regain and improve stability, mobility, and strength.

Learn more about the benefits of doing Remedial Pilates when you take our course. You can learn the principles of Remedial Pilates Method in the comfort of your own home or you can learn the techniques to tailor this to your class.