The Meaning Behind The ChiBall Colours and Aromas

ChiBall Colours and Aromas

ChiBall is on a mission to transform health and wellness through the world of exercise and philosophy. Through this, we have combined different ways to exercise the body and mind to produce a complete holistic experience. On your journey with ChiBall, you’ll experience the five elements in which yin and yang energies are expressed. Each season has a yin and yang which are representative of different aromas, colours, exercises, and feelings

We hope you enjoy reading about how each of the season’s link to the meanings behind the colours and aromas.

Spring (The Wood Element) 

Spring is a time for new beginnings, a tiring calendar year has almost concluded and, now we look forward to planning ahead with a new vision. The wood element is the rising yang, individuals becoming more flexible physically and spiritually. Emotional imbalance is expressed with rage, impatience and aggression, this is quite frequent in spring. This season is represented by green and lime green. Tai Chi and Qi Gong are the exercise elements for the season.

Green (Self-love, Abundance, Balance, Healing & Acceptance) Yang

Green opens our hearts to love, nourishing friendships and good health. The colour is associated with balance and harmony, helpful during stressful periods in your life.

Geranium (Security, Receptivity, Connection, Intimacy & Tranquillity) Yin

Geranium can calm and relax mental agitation while stimulating imagination, sensuality and sensitivity. Cultivating an appetite for a happy life and relieving frustration caused by anxiety and work-related stress. This aroma is nurturing and balances security, connection and tranquillity.

Lime Green (Goodness, Generosity, Perfection, Attunement & Empathy) Yin

The colour lime green heightens our awareness to our finer nature, pure goodness and generosity. Delving deeper into our soul and showing us perfection and what we can achieve. Lime Green is an opportunity to be reactive and empathetic to others.

Mint (Wellness, Alertness, Calming, Relief & Confidence)

Mint is a wonderful stress reliever and beneficial for general wellness. Peppermint aromatherapy is often used for stress relief and improving one’s energy and alertness. Mint is the ideal stress relief tool. We find confidence when we are calm and energised.


Summer (The Fire Element)

Summer is related to the fire element; it corresponds to the heart. It governs passion, joy, wealth, fame and recognition. Physiologically, this season is about enjoying yourself during the hot summer months. Fire represents individuals who are compassionate and emotionally generous. Summer is represented by the colours red and pink with the elements of exercise being dance and yoga.

Red (Self-awareness, Energy, Sensuality, Passion & Desire) Yang

Red is the colour best associated with passion, desire and living in the moment. The fire is one who embraces life experience to its fullest potential. Red provides energy and stamina so that we become warm, open-hearted and passionate.

Cinnamon (Love, Freedom, Strength, Spiritual Awakening & Inspiration)

Cinnamon aids physical and emotional exhaustion. It’s warm emotionally and puts us back in touch with our passion for life.

**Avoid using Cinnamon ChiAroma during pregnancy**

Pink (Self-love, Abundance, Balance, Healing & Acceptance) Yin

The colour pink has a relaxing and soothing effect on individuals physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. It’s considered the universal colour of love and healing. Pink can disperse conflict, hostility and anxiety-ridden behaviour.

Rose (Harmony, Healing, Relaxation, Balance & Inner Core)

Rose has a deeply harmonising and balancing effect onto the heart and physical body. Rose oil is both a tonic and relaxant, meaning it has a calming influence on the nervous system. This helps relieve stress and any nervous tension during the most difficult of times.

Late Summer (The Earth Element)

Traditionally, late summer is the ingestion and digestion of both food and informational for physical and mental nourishment. The Earth element relates to being focused, stable physically and mentally and showcasing your confidence to the world. Individuals will display sympathy and support to other people. Late summer provides the opportunity of yoga and pilates through ChiBall.

Orange (Self-respect, Gratitude, Spontaneity, Pleasure & Confidence) Yang

Orange is an energetic colour which represents pleasure and stimulates the senses. Engage your creativity, spontaneous and playful side and enjoy life for what it is. Orange relates to self-respect; it’s used when you’re feeling powerless, unable to set boundaries and when we are too stubborn.

Sweet Orange (Positivity, Optimism, Satisfaction, Understanding & Tolerance)

Sweet orange helps release tension and stress so we can express physical enjoyment, self-confidence. It helps in exuding courage, positivity and creativity. 

Yellow (Self-worth, Personal Power, Trust, Aspiration & Stability) Yin

Yellow is a colour which inspires personal power, self-worth, self-knowledge, self-discipline and courage. Yellow helps us rediscover personal power and enables us to be the creators of our own destiny.

Lemongrass (Uplifting, Refreshing, Focus, Self-confidence & Discernment)

Feel refreshed, cleansed and stimulated with lemongrass. It dissolves emotional confusion and promotes self-confidence and greater trust of others. Lemongrass recharges and invigorates the spirit, bringing improved concentration and focus.

Autumn (The Metal Element)

As the leaves fall and the winds change, the Autumn months provide clarity and optimism for the months ahead. The Metal Element is associated with the colours purple and silver, which play a significant role with our lungs and large intestines. Our lungs process air, drawing in vital chi while large intestines process food and eliminate unnecessary substances. When our lungs and large intestines are in sync, we set our boundaries more easily and our interactions with the world are stronger. Through this, we are far more positive and open to the world itself. The Autumn elements are ChiBall Release and Relaxation.

Purple (Self-knowledge, Intuition, Perception, Insight & Peace) Yang

Purple is connected to self-knowledge, insight, perception and intuition. The colour brings is associated with faith, peace and recognition of our true selves. The calming effect of purple is useful for those experiencing difficulties while sleeping or stress.

Lavender (Rejuvenating, Serene, Calm, Expressive & Inner Poise)

Lavender has a calming and soothing effect on personal anxiety. Lavender promotes calmness and serenity of one’s mind and spirit.

Silver (Self-love, Kindness, Joy, Happiness & Affection) Yin

The colour silver indicates that balance needs to be achieved when several opposing stances are visible. This is influenced by either a positive or negative outcome. When Yin and Yang are out of balance, silver is the perfect colour selection.

Eucalyptus (Mental Clarity, Focus, Balance, Stimulation & Concentration)

Restoring balance during an overloading of emotion is important, eucalyptus oil can help stimulate and refresh any sluggishness. It opens nasal passages and the lungs, which aids an increase in oxygen intake. This enables the regeneration of body tissue, increased concentration and mental clarity.

Winter (The Water Element)

Water corresponds to winter; the colours are dark blue or black and we focus on our bladder and kidney organs. When these organs are in balance, we are cheerful and more trusting of people. Individuals will find themselves being more courageous in their decision making and more resourceful with what’s around them. Deep Breathing, Relaxation and Meditation will help enable all of these attributes.

Blue (Self-expression, Truth, Wisdom, Clarity & Harmony) Yang

Blue is linked to self-expression, being thoughtful and truthful. It allows us to be trustworthy, loyal and to express our knowledge and wisdom to the world. Blue promoted beauty and creativity.

Juniper Berry (Courage, Determination, Detachment, Will Power & Inner-reflection)

Juniper berry is warming and a natural antiviral remedy, beneficial to defeating colds, flu, infections, chronic tiredness, cold hands and feet and rheumatic pain. It helps consolidate our will power and restores our self-determination.

**Avoid using Juniper Berry ChiAroma during pregnancy**

Black (Grounding, Calming, Perspective, Understanding & Self-worth) Yin

The colour black is protective. It’s calming and grounding especially to extremely sensitive individuals. It defends against hatred and negativity. Black can motivate our subconscious which can put life back into perspective.

Aniseed (Calm, Focus, Energise, Meditative & Alignment)

Aniseed is a warm and spicy aroma, often used to ease the discomfort of introverts and fearful individuals. While aiding digestion, boosting the lungs and easing migraines and headaches. Aniseed is calming and rejuvenates our mind by bringing focus to self-thought. This aroma helps relieve stress caused by an overactive mind.