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Your Chiball is as Individual as you – Here’s why…

Your ChiBall is uniquely handcrafted, infused with ChiAroma, and may vary slightly in size, texture and colour. These variations are perfectly normal and add to the character of you ChiBall. ChiBalls are made exclusively in Australia from hypoallergenic plasticised PVC and comply with the world’s strictest manufacturing regulations, including the Californian state legislation proposition 65 which prohibits the use of over 550 chemicals, including phthalates, BPA, dyes and solvents. Your ChiBall is safe to use when recovering from illness or injury and whilst pregnant.

Your ChiBall will last indefinitely with proper care. It should be kept way from sharp objects, direct heat sources and sunlight. ChiBalls can be kept sanitized and refreshed especially during Covid restrictions with the appropriately fragranced ChiAroma Refresher Spray.  To cleanse and revive your ChiBall, simply spray and wipe clean with a soft cloth to bring your ChiBall Aroma back to life. The ChiAroma Refresher Spray contains essential oils and a natural mild antiseptic that can used to freshen up your yoga mat or exercise equipment. Use as a room fragrance or to set the mood in your Gym or Studio. Your ChiBall is not suitable as a toy or for use by young children, as the ChiBall plug can be removed and may become a choking hazard.

Keeping Your ChiBall Clean

Keeping your exercise equipment clean is an important task for anyone who shares equipment.  At ChiBall we take this issue very seriously and have developed a range of sanitising sprays that both clean your ChiBalls and refresh their aroma.  Our ChiAroma sprays are made from ethically sourced essential oils, teatree oil which is added for it’s anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, purified water and a natural plant based emulsifier which binds it all together.  The ChiAroma’s are made by Buckley and Philips who are based in Victoria, Australia.

Use 2 or 3 sprays of the ChiAroma Mist on your ChiBall, yoga mat or gym equipment and wipe clean to sanitize and rejuvenate the fragrance.  ChiAroma Mist can also be used as a room spray and before exercise to give harmony, balance and wellbeing.  They have been tested on humans not animals and come in a handy 100ml spray bottle.

For more information please see our ChiAroma page.

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