Our Vision

ChiBall provides mind body education and products that bring “Mindfulness to Life”. We are dedicated to serving you with simplicity, innovation, authenticity, passion, and respect. Our philosophy is that by exploration of the self and through dedicated and disciplined practice, we can cultivate a state of inner strength, peace and wellbeing so that we can live a harmonious and balanced life.

We believe that by nurturing and respecting ourselves, we nurture and respect the planet. Through the responsible and ethical use of resources, we can heal and sustain our precious environment. Wherever you are on your journey, we are here to serve and support you by nourishing and guiding your mind and body with simple practices and quality products.

Our Vision

Since its inception in 1994, ChiBall has developed from a unique and innovative mind-body exercise programme, into a professional organisation delivering world-class education and supporting the growth and development of the mind-body industry. As the most comprehensive mind-body programme on the market, our products, classes, and training have been delivered around the world into over 40 countries.

Our vision is to transform the health and wellness of people through inspirational mind body exercise and philosophy

Our Mission

To realise our vision, we are committed to the following mission to bring benefits to our customers, teachers and communities:
To deliver exceptional service to our customers, teachers and partnering organisations through caring for the communities in which we serve
We will do this by:

  • Marketing and promoting mind-body education through classes, workshops courses, and events
  • Conducting training for teachers, presenters and trainers (to deliver the above mentioned)
  • Mentoring and coaching Trainers to support/cultivate the mind-body community and training
  • Developing effective, accessible, high quality products, programmes and services for the public, students and teacher communities

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