ChiBall ChiBall™ is an experience: a journey that starts with the rejuvenation of the body and emotions, and continues with a way of life that reflects harmony, balance and wellbeing, […]

Our Vision

ChiBall provides mind body education and products that bring “Mindfulness to Life”. We are dedicated to serving you with simplicity, innovation, authenticity, passion, and respect. Our philosophy is that by […]

Our Values

Organisations, like people, have natural preferences that affect how they gather information, make decisions and work. Understanding this frees the organisation to be true to itself, which attracts employees and […]

Your ChiBall

Your Chiball is as Individual as you – Here’s why… Your ChiBall is uniquely handcrafted, infused with ChiAroma, and may vary slightly in size, texture and colour. These variations are […]

Royalty Free Music

So why all the fuss about Royalty Free Music? All music that you hear in public spaces, listen to on the radio, hear in the background of a video or […]

Remedial Pilates

Why Are People drawn to Remedial Pilates When you see other people doing Pilates, seeing different poses in your Instagram feed, do you become interested in doing a Pilates Exercise […]

Nature’s Rhythms

The summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere happens between June 20 and 22. This is when we have longer daylight hours since the sun is at its furthest point north […]

Musicality and Movement

The ChiBall™ exercises are based on the following movement disciplines:  Movement DisciplinesOur internal organs and body systems also resonate with each seasonal energy. During each season, the organs present themselves […]