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ChiBall Fire Moves

Based on traditional Chinese medicine and colour and aromatherapy, ChiBall® is a unique
programme for rehabilitation, healing and wellness exercise. ChiBall also specializes in specific
modality Courses that teach a deeper understanding of the theory and practice of each of the
disciplines of Tai Chi – Qi Gong, ChiBall Dance, Yoga, Pilates, ChiBall Release and Deep

As in Traditional Chinese Medicine there are also five elements within Yoga. Although differing slightly
in emphasis, yoga’s five elements still relate to nature’s energy cycle. These five essential energies
are: earth, water, fire, air and space. They are fundamental not only in the practice of physical or
Hatha Yoga but also in all aspects of life.

ChiBall Fire Moves has been designed to teach an integrated fitness Yoga class. This method of mind body training utilizes your fitness qualifications and experience. It is a contemporary, informed approach to the Yoga concept and provides basic theories, history, philosophies and practices of Yoga to give you a deeper understanding of this ancient art. The course will enable you to teach a ChiFlow Fire Moves pre-structured class.

This course is delivered online and includes

  • The Fire Moves Manual including the Movement notes in pdf format
  • Royalty Free Music album “Regenerate” in MP3 Format
  • Video demonstrations of the Fire Moves ChiBall Class in MP4 Format
  • Video demonstration of Teacher Techniques for movements used in MP4 Format
  • A self-assessment questionnaire
  • A certificate of completion

Listen to Samples from the Royalty Free Music Album “Regenerate”