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ChiBall Gentle Moves has been specifically designed for those teachers wanting to introduce a gentle exercise routine to participants who want to improve their overall health, seniors or those recovering from injury or illness. Using movements from Tai chi – qi gong, dance, yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais and meditation, ChiFlow Gentle Moves improves general health, reduces stress, strengthen joints, builds up the immune system, coordination and maintains vitality throughout life.

This course is delivered online and includes

  • The Gentle Moves Manual in pdf format
  • The Gentle moves Movement notes in pdf format
  • Royalty Free Music album “Equilibrium – Gentle Moves” in MP3 Format
  • Video demonstrations of the Gentle Moves Class in MP4 Format
  • Video demonstration of Teacher Techniques for movements used in MP4 Format
  • A self assessment questionnaire
  • A certificate of completion

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Note – Access to these resources is included for those purchasing a face to face course from their local distributor.

Listen to Samples of the Album ‘Equilibrium’