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The movements in this class allow us to follow our daily lives with our mind more in tune with the natural world and its gentle rhythms.

This Class helps us to MOVE, GROW, DREAM, WORK, PLAY, RELAX.

ChiFlow Circle of Life Yin Yang Class Distance Learning Pack

ChiFlow Circle of Life

This course pack provides an alternative yin yang class for teachers to offer in their regular classes. Circle of Life is a balanced yin yang class that can be used all year through. The movements are low impact which means it is ideal for beginners or those with more experience and fuses together different styles of movement based on the Yin Yang energy cycle. Great for improving co-ordination and is a good cardiovascular workout for all

The Home Study Course includes video download of pre-choreographed class, plus technical teaching points, MP3 download of original Royalty Free music and course Manual with pre-choreographed movement notes in pdf format for download.

Listen to Samples of the Album ‘Circle of Life’