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eBook 'Gathering' Guide to Wellbeing

In Gathering, we explore the metal element, the Autumnal season and the associated correspondences.

Gathering represents the season of Autumn and is associated with the metal element, which governs the lung and large intestine.

Metal energy embodies the descent. We are pulled backward, downward, and inward- which can provide a wonderful sense of peace and quiet, or can result in a feeling of isolation.

The energy of metal is about rhythm and life within balance.

Working together to nourish and balance this element makes it possible bring a renewed vitality and gleam to all aspects of a person’s existence and experience.

• Understand the principles of the five elements

• Lung and the large intestine as well as their relationship with the season of Gathering

• Identify and understand the characteristics of the metal personality type

• Importance of food and diet in the season of Gathering

• Specific movement patterns in Gathering according to TCM

• Lifestyle choices in Gathering


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