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eBook 'Radiance' Guide to Wellbeing

In Radiance, we explore the fire element, the season of Summer, and the associated correspondences. In the Taoist tradition the fire element represents the energy that is predominant in the Summertime. Technically, this season is simply Summer (as opposed to Late Summer, which is the season that follows); although you will often see this season referred to as High Summer. We tend to use High Summer and Summer interchangeably.

Understand the following:

• Principles of the five elements

• The heart, small intestine, pericardium, and triple heater and their relationship with the season of Radiance

• Identify and understand the characteristics of the fire personality type

• Importance of food and diet in Radiance

• Specific movement patterns during Radiance according to TCM

• Lifestyle choices in the season of Radiance


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