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Radiance is a progressive program that builds on the foundation moves learnt in Awakening.

We combine high energy with deep relaxation; improving balance, posture and flexibility.

This program includes 'Redefine' which is designed to tone specific areas of your body using a combination of yoga, pilates and resistance training.

The ChiBall itself is used to increase resistance and stability; either challenging or assisting the exercise depending on your needs.

Movements are broken down into short videos which will be unlocked each week. You might practice these moves once or twice a week or even daily if time allows.

10 week package includes:

  • Weekly 10-15 minute ChiFlow online movement videos
  • 2 x ChiBalls
  • 2 x ChiBalms
  • 'Radiance' Guide to Wellbeing eBook
  • ChiBag



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