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The ChiBall™ is a soft and spongy 15cm inflatable ball that has been infused with an aromatherapy fragrance which corresponds to its colour. The use of colour and aromatherapy has been shown to stimulate and balance both thoughts and emotions, and consequently promote a greater sense of wellbeing.

ChiBalls™ have been especially designed to be easily inflatable and deflatable, and are ideally suited to match the wide variety of uses found throughout the ChiBall Method™ exercises. They are hand-crafted and of superior quality in durability*, look, feel, and scent.

*Anti-burst tested to 250kg

Representing Late Summer and the element Earth, the Yellow ChiBall™ inspires us to enjoy personal power, self-worth, self-knowledge, self-discipline and courage.

Whenever we are unable to trust life, are consumed with self-doubt, suffer from fear and overwhelming anxiety, and feel pressured by life’s responsibilities, this ChiBall™ colour can help us to retrieve our personal power, and enable us to be the creator of our own destiny.

The Yellow ChiBall™ is ideal for using with Yoga and Pilates, or to aid concentration and focus the mind.

The Lemongrass ChiAroma™ fragrance refreshes, fortifies and enlivens the spirit.

Chiball Colour

Black, Blue, Green, Lime Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, Yellow