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[protected]Winter is ruled by the Water element, which is associated with the kidneys, bladder, and adrenal glands. According to the philosophy of Chinese medicine, the kidneys are considered the source of all energy or “Chi” within the body.  The kidneys store all of the reserve Chi in the body- so that it can be used in times of stress and change, to heal, prevent illness, and age gracefully. Other correspondences hold significance as well: such as psychology, colour, diet, lifestyle and importantly, movement.  Within this module, we discuss the importance of these correspondences in the application of ChiBall and how this can bring depth to your practice as a teacher and educator.

This course is delivered online and includes

  • The Winter Seasonal Manual in pdf format
  • The Winter Seasonal Movement notes in pdf format
  • Royalty Free Music album “Reflection” in MP3 Format
  • Video demonstrations of the Winter ChiBall Class in MP4 Format
  • Video demonstration of Teacher Techniques for movements used in MP4 Format
  • A self assessment questionnaire
  • A certificate of completion

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