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The focus for Late Summer is on balancing and stabilizing the shifting energies of the seasons from yang to yin, in order to promote nourishment, centeredness, and grounding.  These principles are carried through all the movements of this class and culminate with a focus on core-strength through the use of Pilates and mat work. Balance and stability are further challenged with the use of a ChiBall and a resulting sense of our strength and ability to support ourselves, and each other is brought to both mind and body.

This course is delivered online and includes

  • Seasonal Manual
  • Pre-Choreographed 60 Minute ChiBall Class
  • Detailed Movement Notes
  • Teacher Notes for each Movement
  • 60 mins Royalty Free Music from the Album Abundance
  • Video demonstration of ChiBall Class
  • Video of each movement broken down into elements and technical teaching points
  • Self Assessment
  • Certificate of Completion

View an excerpt of the Late_Summer_Manual_Excerpt

View an excerpt of the Late_Summer_Movement_Notes_Excerpt

Listen to sample music tracks from the Album ‘Abundance’