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Enjoy weight loss and general wellbeing with Dance of the Dragon, an exciting routine based on ancient Taoist practice. Dance of the Dragon incorporates simple on-the-spot movements that extend, flex, rotate, twist and stretch to induce a deep, internal massage. When practised consistently, it energetically re-balances, regulates and detoxifies the internal systems, and, best of all, aids weight loss without dieting or reduction of food intake. Video downloads contain a full introduction and explanation of the routines and techniques and two full Dance of the Dragon routines. Includes a bonus e-booklet, An Introduction to The Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Originally recorded by Monica Linford, Rafael Marino and Lynley Gladis in Adelaide South Australia.  This format is  ©ChiBall World Pty Ltd. Digitally remixed, remastered and re-authored from the original recordings.

Download file is 550mb MP4 format File – Running Time 1hr 30min.